TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Raman tells Ishita that he don’t love her anymore, and is dead for him 7 years ago. Ishita is shocked. Their love story have turned to hatred. Raman tells her that he doesn’t want to see her around him. Ishita have returned to him, but he thinks her guilty and makes it clear that he will not let her come back in his life again. They are against each other because of Ruhaan. Ruhaan has signed contract with both of them. Meanwhile Niddhi asks Ruhi to apply bindi on her forehead, and says you don’t need to be Ruhaan again.



Meera gives invitation to Dharam for her second wedding and asks him to let her do her sangeet at Suryavanshi’s home. Meera is marrying her ex boyfriend Sanskar. Dharam is heart broken after Gaura went to jail and Durga died. Meera makes Dharam jealous and handover the marriage invitation in his hand as he kicked her out of the house. Meera’s plan will be successful and Dharam calls Meera back in his life.

Jamai Raja:

Sid and Roshni cry thinking about each other at their respective home and hotel. They do love each other even now, but there is a wall of misunderstanding between them, and also Neil and Anya are between their love. Roshni announces her engagement with Neil and shows ring to Sid. Sid is shocked at her decision and breaks Roshni’s photo frame in anger. Roshni is crying, and is unhappy with her decision.


Raman thinks Ishita has come back in his life to stop his marriage with Shagun. She is in problem again. Appa asks Raman not to blame Ishita for always. Mr. Bhalla argues with Appa and tells how Ishita tried to fill wrong things in Pihu’s mind. The relations have changed. Ishita cries seeing the families fighting because of her.


Vivaan dresses as a postman and gives a letter to Chakor. Chakor thanks him for the letter. He takes disguise so that no one knows they have met. Everyone think they have fought and are not talking. Chakor identifies him and asks him to leave before anyone sees him. She pulls out his fake moustache. Vivaan romances her and they have a sweet moment. Chakor cooks food for him. Vivaan eats the food without any complain, while she dislikes the food. They have a laugh.

Bhabhi ji GPH?:

There is kidnapping drama in the show. Vibhuti and everyone drink the mango juice. Vibhuti sleeps. His friends come and wake him up. They tell him how the planning got failed. Vibhuti beats his friends and loses the opportunity of getting ransom money. Vibhuti starts his new business for Angoori ji. He gets to know that Angoori is unwell and has to drink fruit juice everyday. Vibhuti starts a juice stall in the locality so that Angoori ji visits him daily. After everyone drink the juice, they get unwell. Angoori ji gets the fresh juice, while others get the wrong juice. There is some conspiracy behind it. Anita wants to shut Vibhuti’s fruit juice counter.


Sanskar is in shock. Ragini cries miserably and they couldn’t believe that Swara is dead. Police tells them that Swara couldn’t be found, although they got Rajat’s dead body. Ragini and Sanskar tell that they will search Swara and says she is alive. Sahil will save Swara, but she will lose her memory and forgets Sanskar’s love for her. Sanskar is in Swara’s death sorrow. Sanskar got depressed. Swara’s memories are troubling Sanskar, he is unable to stay away from her. It’s a game of fate that his life got depressing. Laksh and Ragini support Sanskar in this tough time. Laksh hugs Sanskar. Ragini is shocked seeing Swara after that accident. She finds Swara happy and wonders what happened to Swara. She realizes Swara has lost her memory and gets worried.


Simar goes to jungle to find pearl of Chandramani. She sees a light coming out of stone and moves it, but there is a Aghori Baba there who curses her. The tantrik throws bee on her as Simar interrupts his tapasya and he curses her. Simar becomes housefly because of his curse. Simar comes home as a housefly and thinks how her family will identify her now.


Ishwari has given her nod for Natasha. Dev and Sonakshi’s relation will not progress because of Natasha’s entry in Dev’s family. Dev and Natasha would be marrying.

Tashan E Ishq:

Kunj starts doubting on Twinkle, because of Anita’s plannings. Kunj feels Twinkle is getting close to Yuvraj. After much misunderstandings, they both get separated. Yuvraj will be putting efforts post leap to unite them.

Siya Ke Ram:

Ram and Laxman cook food to cheer up Sita. Seeing the strange recipe, Sita gets a smile on her face. The food is cooked bad. Sita eats the food and tells them that the food was very tasty. Ram and Laxman get puzzled and taste the food they made. They all have a laugh and Ram-Laxman’s efforts get successful to relieve Sita of her annoyance, worries and sorrow. Raavan would be arriving to break their peace and happiness.



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