TR’s Median Spoilers Zing


Median zing spoilers



Sanskar has changed his get up and become rockstar Sanskar to win his lady love’s heart Swara…..He has changed his attire with long hairs and rockstar clothes. Sanskar was crying hugging her pic and then called her home. Swara is surprised to see the house decorated with flowers, she is liking his gesture, but then the thought comes to her mind that he is a murderer. Ragini is making Swara know everything slowly. She told Swara that she got married to Laksh, and their parents got married too. She didn’t tell her that Sanskar shot at Rajat but not at her. Sanskar is ready to do anything for Swara’s love. Later, Sahil saves Swara from the goons, and makes her sit in car….Swara is very much scared and hugs him.


Nidhi is wearing burqa and comes somewhere…Ishita reaches near Nidhi searching her, but Nidhi takes help of Burqa and tries to escape. At the other end, Pihu is making arrangements for Shagun and Raman’s marriage, and selects Necklace for Shagun and sherwani for Raman. Ruhi is also there and gets emotional seeing the trio hugging each other. Shagun might become negative and gets insecure because of Ishita’s comeback in Raman’s life. Very soon Nidhi will be exposed and Raman will come to know that Ruhi is alive.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi asks Tanu to get out of house, and never to show her face to him. He says I have no feelings for you, but just have hatred in my heart. Tanu’s game has came to an end. Tanu says Pragya is playing game. Abhi says Pragya was ready to give money and had not played any game. Tanu pleads innocence even though she is caught with stolen money. Abhi asks her to go away from his eye sight. Pragya got ready to kick Tanu out of house and packed her bags, but Tanu being cunning woman doesn’t agree to leave and is adamant on staying in Mehra house. Tanu’s biggest truth is still hidden from Abhi, as he is still unaware of Tanu carrying Nikhil’s baby and not his. Tanu calls Nikhil and informs him that she was exposed and her theft was revealed to all. Nikhil breaks ties with Tanu knowing her foolishness. Tanu panics, but will find a way to manipulate Abhi with her emotional blackmail.


Tanu comes to Rishi’s room and sees him trying to fold the bed sheet. She takes bed sheet from his hand and starts folding it. Rishi tries to help her and holds other end of bed sheet. Tanu and Rishi fold bed sheet together while a romantic song plays. They got chance to spend romantic time. Tanu helps Rishi in folding bed sheet, and their hands touch each other. They have an eye lock and fall in love again. Tanu gets shy and goes running from there. Rishi picks up the bed sheet and folds it again. Rishi got proof against Pavan and got his marriage certificate with his so called Bhabhi Saloni, who is actually his wife.


Sid gets slapped by Naina. He is shocked. Sid’s mum in law has changed, but destiny remained same. Naina slaps him as she gets to know that he has not married her daughter Anya. She doubts on his intentions and opines that he is manipul

ating Anya to lie. She gets angry on him for the big lie….Sid looks on with teary eyes.

Manohar slaps Yuvi repeatedly. Yuvi goes to Kunj’s home to pacify and consoles Twinkle and her family.. Manohar gets angry seeing him and slaps him repeatedly, accusing him of Kunj’s murder and keeping eye on Twinkle. Twinkle stands shockingly. Manohar calls the police to get him arrested. Yuvi tries to prove his innocence, but in vain. Anita is behind Kunj’s murder, but the blame came on Yuvi. He is trying to get his mom arrested, but Anita is at large. Yuvi will bring the truth infront of everyone. Twinkle has not accepted his death and believes Kunj is alive. Yuvi gives her Kunj’s phone which Police found. Twinkle is shattered, but her believe is strong. Kunj is seen injured on a hospital bed somewhere.


Thapki breaks Preeti’s pearl necklace accidentally and that’s why they are trying to make it, but the mala breaks again and the pearls splashes everywhere. Bihaan and Thapki try to pick it and stumbles. They try to walk holding each other hands and fall on ground, not once but many times. Bihaan and Thapki are falling in love with each other and have a romantic eye lock. Sheena comes there and laughs seeing their struggle.


Pavitra tells Aradhya that they will forget the past things, and start afresh. Pavitra mixes something in the mango juice with which Aradhya will do unexpected things. Pavitra says I will throw Aradhya out of the house. Aradhya will fight for her rights and will stay back home. Aradhya says she is my biological mum. Pavitra is oblivious to this fact and when truth comes out, it might be too late…..Aradhya feels motherly love whenever she is with Pavitra, and shares her feelings with her Aaji.



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