TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Ishita gets drunken in the party and dances with Raman. Ishita is dancing nonstop forgetting the pain which she has lived all these years. Raman is also drunk, but still in his senses and tries to control Ishita. Ishita dances and sings Tu Kheench Meri photo Piya, referring to Raman as her piya and asking him to take her pic. Ishita has found a way to show her mohabbatein for her beloved Raman.


Naagin is ending on 5th June. Ritik keeps his head on Shivanya tummy and feels his baby. Shivanya is going to be mum. Ritik is happy and congratulates her. Shivanya feels dizzy and gets vomiting sensation. Ritik makes her understand that it is time to go to hospital. The baby naagin is on the way, and will be unique for sure. The next season of Naagin from start from Shivanya and Ritik’s baby who can be icchadhari naagin or can be human fully. In this season, Shivanya has sacrificed much for Ritik and naag mani. Shivanya will kill Shesha and Madhumakhi rani, and will start a family with Ritik. Now first season is ending and will come back with a bang and have more twist and drama.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

Rajni have planned a romantic date with Shaan as he has saved her from fire when his lab catches fire. Shaan gets surprised with her move. She asks Shaan to give an autograph. Shaan gives her autograph on the tissue paper. Rajni hugs him.


Pavan challenges Rishi that he will marry Tanu. Rishi accepts the challenge. He confesses love to Tanu infront of her fiance Pavan and says he will marry her. Pavan gets angry. Rishi promises him that he will expose him infront of Tanu. Rishi has just 6 days, else Pavan will marry Tanvi. Rishi tells that he is dilwala and will take his dulhaniya home. Tanu is in dilemma as usual. Very soon Rishi and Tanu will marry.


Chandramani tries to trap Sid in her love and brings magical arrow, but she couldn’t succeed as Roli stays in his heart. He fails Chandramani’s plan.


Tanu has helped Abhi and won his heart by helping Abhi with the money for Dadi’s treatment. Abhi asks Pragya, Raj and others to give money for Dadi’s treatment and begs infront of them saying he will give double money. Pragya says she don’t have cash and they couldn’t get it as it was a bank holiday. Tanu thinks to make herself good in Abhi’s eyes and gives money to needy Abhi with a plan. She thinks to convince him for marriage.


Swara and Sahil are coming closer because of music. Sahil sings teri galliyan…..and feels pain recalling his past experience.Swara came in Sahil’s life like a new ray of hope who is coming closer to him in no time, music is connecting them. Sahil thinks he always got happiness in installments. Swara surprises him as she visits him.


Ragini/Roshni and Neil are getting engaged, and Sid looks on hurt as she gets engaged. Roshni makes Neil wear engagement ring. Sid is in shock and is ready to teach her a lesson. Mohabbat hain yeh plays. Sid makes Ragini jealous and teases them.



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