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Kuch Rang PKAB:


Sonakshi wants to make Dev jealous and introduces someone as his boyfriend. It is difficult for Dev to digest that Sonakshi could have a boyfriend.


Sahil saves Swara from the goons, and makes her sit in car….Swara is very much scared and hugs him.


Dhaani is replaced in IKRS and Sanjeeda Sheikh have stepped in her character, The original Dhaani, Eisha was not reluctant to play a mother after the leap, and the creative team thought that Dhaani needs to look more matured post leap, so then comes Sanjeeda as new Dhaani. Dhaani will be shown on having a 4 years old girl.


Bihaan is doing emotional torture on Thapki and takes selfie with his childhood friend Sheena. Thapki gets jealous seeing them clicking selfies. Bihaan wants to make her so jealous that she confesses to love him. Thapki decides to keep Sheena far from Bihaan.


Sandhya comes to know about Purvi’s truth and have understood that Maa saa is right. She has caught Purvi’s lie. Purvi attempts to kill Emily.

Bhabhi ji GPH:

Tiwari ji peeps in Vibhuti’s home and looks at Angori bhabhi. Saxena wears Sheikh clothes and dances in Tiwari’s house.

Jamai Raja:

Sid has filled Roshni’s maang with sindoor infront of everyone, without even touching her and have stunned Roshni. It all happens when they kept fast for their respective partners, and asked to put sindoor after breaking the nirjala fast with water. However Sid manages to make Roshni drink water and break fast, and then he throws sindoor on her, filling her maang. He couldn’t bear Neil filling his wife’s maang and found a way out without knowing anyone know.

Tamanna is at the final phase of the story. Dhara clears her name from Bhanu Pratap’s plottings and make her team win the cricket tournament. Ishqbaaz is the new show replacing Tamanna at 10 pm starring PKDH actor Nakkul Mehta.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door:
Atharv has realized his feelings for Vividha. He is now making Vividha realize her feelings for him. He is sure that Vividha loves him. Atharv has challenged Kailash and declared infront of the village that Atharv will marry Vividha. Atharv asks Vividha for her support. Atharv is confident that his love will make Vividha stand against her father.


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