TR Round Up Spoilers




Prerna has reached mental hospital. Chandramani and fake Simar have made Prerna mad. Simar fly and Prerna are planning something to expose fake Simar. Mata ji meets Prerna in the hospital. Prerna spots Fake Simar there and takes disguise to find out her truth.


Sparsh has joined the Rathi family and gets love by everyone. All the family members pamper Sparsh. Sparsh sits on Babasa’s seat and asks Bhabho to get something for her. He wins Bhabho’s heart by his innocence. There is much drama in the show with Purvi’s plannings. Emily wants to get justice for Purvi. Sandhya will start spying on Maasa and find Purvi’s truth. Sooraj gets angry on Om, and scolds him for torturing Purvi. Sooraj is hurt knowing Om acted to marry Emily and cheated her. Sandhya will support Maasa after knowing truth, while all family members will support Purvi.


Twinkle cries seeing Kunj’s photo. Twinkle is asking Kunj to come back, her heart is not able to believe that Kunj is dead. Everyone is mourning for Kunj at home. Twinkle removes the garlands from his pic and she tells everyone that Kunj will come back. Kunj’s character will be alive. Kunj will get plastic surgery and come back.


Bihaan is dancing with Sheena. Thapki dreams to dance with Bihaan. They have an eyelock and she expresses her love to him via her eyes. But in actual, Thapki gets jealous seeing Bihaan holding Sheena’s hand. Thapki stares at them angrily. Vasundara feels they have done the right thing to make Thapki realize her feelings. Bihaan’s engagement drama is going on. The Pandey family is doing this drama to make Thapki confess her love for Bihaan. Bihaan finds Thapki jealous and makes her more jealous to make her admit her love.

Jamai Raja:

Sid is making Roshni jealous. Sid makes Anya wear the bridal dupattas. Roshni gets angry seeing him. This time Sid is getting engaged to Anya. Ragini is preparing for his engagement. Roshni/Ragini is Sid’s first wife. Anya is dreaming to become Sid’s wife. Jamai Raja’s new Saas has made clear to Sid that marriage will happen after two weeks of engagement, and gave wedding planning work to Ragini. Sid and Roshni see each other and control tears. Kabhi na kehna alvida……plays………. Roshni says I want to get Sid married, we don’t have love in between. Sid’s golmaal is continuing even in this track. Ragini’s truth was coming out by the jeweler, who identifies Ragini as Sid’s wife.


Raman is crying a lot. He recalls Ishita and their marriage. His tears prove that he really loves Ishita, and is marrying Shagun in his anger. Raman’s haldi rasam is going to happen. He recalls the wedding rounds taken with Ishita. Raman is angry that Ishita is marrying Mani. Shagun is happy and ready to get haldi applied to her.


Rishi tells his dad that he will just marry Tanu. His dad slaps him hard and gets angry. Rishi is determined to marry Tanu. Rishi’s mum has other plans. She consoles Rishi and says his dad wants good for him. Rishi’s dad feels bad that Rishi cheated him and did not say this truth before. Rishi’s mum has played this game for this drama.

Balika Vadhu:

Kundan’s planning got successful. Nandini got married to Krish. Kundan is now ready to take revenge from her. He decorates the room for Nandini and spreads thorns under the rose petals. He is determined to trouble Nandini and make her life hell. Kundan dances madly on dhol beats to welcome Nandini.


Bhaiya ji is exposed for this illegal business. Chakor and Vivaan succeeded to get Bhaiya ji arrested. Bhaiya ji is taken to the village. Everyone humiliate Bhaiya ji. Suraj will also get arrested along with his dad.



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