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Median zing spoilers


Raman taunts Ishita. They indulge in a heated argument. Raman and Ishita try to lower each other and the reason is Pihu. Raman is angry at Ishita as Pihu goes missing. Ishita asks Raman to shut up. It all happens when Pihu gets missing in the hospital for sometime, and Raman loses his cool seeing Ishita there and blames her as Pihu is missing. Ishita tells Raman that she has equal right on Pihu and she will remain her mum all her life. Ishita finds Pihu and takes her to Raman. Raman hugs her happily and emotionally. Mani gets angry at Raman and fights with him also. Ishita intervenes and stops their fight. Pihu will unite her parents once she gets to know about her real mum. Iyer and Bhallas are still at loggerheads.


Inspector comes to Mehra Mansion to Sarla as one crore is stolen from the house. Abhi and Pragya are shocked. Dadi says we can’t doubt Sarla. Tanu threatens Pragya that she will get her arrested too with her mum. Sarla and Pragya will surely be prove innocent and Tanu will be caught. Abhi refuses to get Sarla arrested.


Rishi takes pheras with Tanu around the fire infront of everyone. They have proved that they love each other and is not scared of anyone. Rishi takes Tanu’s hand and brushes off Pavan’s hand aside. He takes pheras with her. Pavan gets angry and doesn’t know that his to be wife will marry before him. Even Rishi’s fiance is left shocked. It is yet to be seen if Rishi and Tanu’s love story completes in this birth or in next birth.


Gopi was dreaming about Ahem and was sinking in the bath tub. Kokila saves her in nick of time. Kokila takes Gopi to Dr. Krishna. He would be treating Gopi to bring her out of her depression. Krishna cooks dinner for Gopi and wants to surprise her with his cooking skills.

Jamai Raja:

Sid can’t bear anything more and has finally bid adieu to Roshni. He has ended Roshni’s love forever. Sid’s heart broke by Roshni’s deeds. Sid has got his dreams and hope broken. Sid has accepted his failure for the first time. Sid is wounded and goes to talk to Roshni. Sid will be holding someone else’s hand to make Roshni jealous. Sid decided to move on. He loves Roshni a lot, but he has feelings too. He is much hurt and heartbroken. He decided to go away from Roshni. Sid tells Roshni that he failed and she can go her own way now. He won’t bother her anymore. Roshni cries and has love for Sid in her heart.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti tells everyone that she wants Shivam to get married to Chanda. Riya challenges her that she will stop her and fail all her plans. Riya tells Shanti and Sarla that she will never leave Shanti Sadan and her inlaws.


Rani Avantika of Madhumakkhi clan comes to Naagins. She has comes to help Shesha and wants Mani. Shivanya tries to stop them and Shesha stabs Shivanya. Ritik is shocked. Everyone is mad about getting Mani. Ritik and Shivanya decide to protect Naag Mani at any cost.


Love is in the air while the song Gerua plays..Sonakshi wears bridal chunari of Dev’s name and smiles with the thought of him. She has realized her love for Dev, but there is still love confession to be done. Dev has worn Sonakshi’s favorite color suit few days ago, and now Sonakshi also worn chunari of kesari color.


Kunj and Twinkle have gone to Goa. They have an eyelock and romantic scene. Kunj and Twinkle smile and reunite again. They fall in the pool and romance.
They have given many tests of love till now. But there is no serial without twists.


Bihaan dreams of Katrina and takes her name in sleep. Thapki goes to him, and hears him taking Katrina’s name. She gets jealous. Bihaan likes Katrina a lot. Thapki confronts him about his dream and argues with him. He tells her that it’s a small thing, why is she making it a big issue if he took Katrina’s name in his sleep. He asks her to answer him about what he told her in his total senses. The family gets to support Bihaan and make Thapki confess love for Bihaan.



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