High Five Spoilers


high fiver


Rishi and Tanu meet by hiding from their family. They spend some moments. Rishi was hurt by his father’s words. Rishi went to meet Tanu. Tanu tells her that they can’t sacrifice relation with parents for their love. Rishi loves her even more and hugs her. Rishi apologizes to Tanu. Tanu feels Raj told the truth and and she gets upset. She breaks down emotionally. Rishi is going for some work and hides it from Tanu. He wants to find Pavan’s past and thinks to tell Tanu when he gets successful in finding anything against Pavan. Rishi will be going Amritsar and meet pandit ji there. Rishi will be bringing Pavan’s truth out.

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Meri Sasu Maa:

Pari and Sattu are getting remarried. Pari and Sattu have an eyelock whole they exchange the garlands. They take the marriage rounds and get married by all the rituals. This time they are marrying by their mutual happiness. Pari is happy that this time there is no lie or cheat, and everyone is happy with their Jodi.


Everyone get to know Purvi’s truth and get against her. Purvi puts kerosene on herself and threatens everyone that she will burn herself alive, Sandhya will then lose her job and all the Rathi family members will be going to jail. Sandhya stops Purvi and takes the lighter from her. She gets the blank paper on which Purvi signed, and says I have written that whatever you do in our house, none of us is responsible for it. Meenakshi asks Purvi to burn herself now.


Swara has reached home to meet Ragini. She tells Ragini that she will stay with her to take care of her in her pregnancy. Swara does not know Ragini’s drama. Sanskar comes there and slips on the stairs. Swara runs to Sanskar by her genuine concern. She worries for Sanskar and behaves like before. Sanskar gets surprised and has hope that Swara will get their love memories.


Arjun wants to stay alone for some time. While murmuring, he passes through the jungle. He sits there to get some peace. Arjun gets stunned seeing Astika coming. Astika pushes Arjun and fights with him. Astika gets to know that his son Arjun has the Naagmani within him. There is a fight between father and son. Arjun gets much hurt by falling over the rocks.


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