Highlight: Raman’s marriage halts by a shocking news


yeh hai mhbtn9

Raman was taking wedding rounds with Shagun. Pihu does their ghatbandhan. While they start taking rounds, Raman leaves from the mandap seeing Ishita. The ghatbandhan breaks. Ishita sits in the mandap and tells Raman that she loves him a lot. Raman also tells her that he also loves her and asks her not to leave her ever. Raman’s bride has changed in nick of the time. Ishita gets bride’s place in the mandap. Raman and Ishita smile seeing each other. Shagun gets shocked seeing them. Raman imagines to marry Ishita, while taking rounds with Shagun. Raman’s imagination ends and he realizes he is marrying Shagun. But the marriage stops midway, as inspector informs Raman about Niddhi. Raman leaves from the mandap in hope to get Ruhi’s whereabouts from Niddhi. Raman believes Ruhi will also be alive, if Niddhi is alive. Raman leaves in search of Ruhi and goes to confront Niddhi. Ruhi witnesses the entire drama and gets worried. Keep reading.


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