Thapki and Bihaan’s lovey-dovey engagement next in Thapki Pyaar Ki



Thapki comes running to Bihaan holding Diya in a filmy style. She tells all the romantic lines. She have confessed her feelings to Bihaan and loudly tells that she loves him…Bihaan is happy to hear the magical words which he wanted to hear since long. Thapki tells him I love you which makes Bihaan happy to the fullest. The scene is very filmy…..Bihaan makes Thapki sees her reflection in mirror and tells her that she is the one, he is in love with, deeply and dearly. Thapki cutely hits on his chest and says you made me cry and scared. Bihaan also confesses love to her and hugs her. Family members comes out and claps for their love. At last family members attempt to unite them have tasted success. They get Bihaan and Thapki engaged again, but this time with their wish and love.


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