Nandini to reflect Anandi’s strong persona in Balika Vadhu



Krish comes to his room, kisses Nandini’s hand and lifts her ghunghat. Just then he faints. Nandini gets shocked and calls his name. Krish’s mum comes to room and asks what happened to him. Actually Krish had milk which his mum gave to him oblivious to the fact that it contains medicine to make him lose his senses. It might be mixed by his step dad Abhayram who is actually Nandini’s childhood husband Kundan. Nandini has slapped Kundan. Kundan’s wife faints seeing this. Nandini gets angry and scolds Kundan infront of all the women who came to do his mu dikhai. Kundan goes to lift her ghunghat. Its complicated for Nandini. She can’t bear Kundan’s tortures and slaps Kundan hard on his face. Nandini tells everyone about her past with Kundan. Kundan’s wife faints hearing Kundan’s truth. Krish worries for his mom. Nandini’s imagines doing all this and then realizes that she can’t hurt Krish, as he loves his mom a lot. Nandini runs to her home and avoids Kundan, who tries to misbehave with her.



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