Raman-Ishita to get together to win back Ruhi’s love



Raman files kidnapping case against Niddhi. The court case hearing gets shocking, when Ruhi tells in court that Niddhi did not kidnap her. Ishita asks Ruhi not to get scared of Niddhi and say truth. Ruhi tells Ishita that you have given away your daughter to Niddhi by your wish and blames her for the current state. Ruhi says she does not want to stay with her parents Raman and Ishita. She tells about Raman’s hot temper and incapability to hold relations. She tells about Ishita who did not stay in Bhalla house since 7 years. She calls her parents irresponsible and unconcerned towards their children. She says Raman and Ishita do not get along well. Ruhi insults Raman and Ishita in court. Ruhi has decided to support Niddhi and stay with her always. Ruhi asks the judge not to send her in imbalanced family. Ruhi clears all the allegations on Niddhi. Ruhi’s statement turns the tables in favor of Niddhi.


Mrs. Bhalla throws slipper on Niddhi and scolds her infront of everyone in the court. Mrs. Bhalla tells the judge that Niddhi is the evil woman who broke her family and kidnapped her grand daughter. She sees Ruhi for the first time and asks her to hug her. Raman and Ishita get 20 days time to convince Ruhi, else Ruhi’s custody will forever be given to Niddhi. Ruhi tells the judge that Ishita took her to Niddhi and gave her away instead Pihu. Ishita explains Ruhi that the situation was not such, things did not go as expected. Ruhi gets all her anger out on Ishita. Ruhi says Niddhi raised her, and gave her a rockstar fame by making her Ruhaan. Raman and Ishita cry. They decide to reunite just for Ruhi’s sake. They want to win Ruhi’s love in the short time given by the court. Will they succeed? Keep reading.


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