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Sandhya recalls Sooraj supporting her always and fulfilling all her dreams. She gets upset realizing she could not become best wife for Sooraj.

Sanskaar acts to commit suicide and scares Swara. Swara likes him and saves his life. She takes him home.

A puja is kept to make the spirit leave from Aradhya’s body. Before the puja could complete, Aradhya stops the puja. Aryan holds Aradhya and takes her to the room.

Bhabhi ji GPH?:
Vibhuti has become superman and tries to impress Anita. Anita gets glad seeing her fav superhero infront of her. She dances with her superhero husband.


Bhalla and Iyer family are fighting with each other. Raman and Ishita gets upset and tell them that Ruhi refused to come to their house as they fight all the time. The Iyer and Bhalla apologize to each other and reconcile for her sake.

Gayu and Naira take selfies. Rukmani comes with Nandini, and tells Akshara that some girl got after Yash. Rukmani asks Akshara to explain Yash. Yash brought foreign bahu for his mum Nandini. His dadi Rukmani refuses to accept foreign bahu. Foreign bahu falls on her feet to take her blessings. Bhabhimaa has come back home. She is very happy seeing Naira. Akshara is happy seeing her family happy.

Santoshi Maa:
Santoshi has become very angry and taken a different avatar. Santoshi’s avatar changed. Santoshi has got a spirit in her. She scares Madhu.


Rishi asks the Devi Maa to show some way to him, so that he gets a way to expose Pavan. Rishi makes prayers like a filmi hero. Later, Neha dances infront of Rishi, Tanu and everyone. Neha is trying to get Rishi anyhow. Her dance moves embarrass Rishi.


Siddhant is kidnapped by Chandramani. She wants to get Siddhant away from the family. Simar and the entire family catch Chandramani. Chandramani’s track will end soon.


Thapki is crying and talks to Dhruv. She explains Dhruv to forgive Vasundara, like she has forgiven. Dhruv says Maa did wrong with me and you, and I can’t forgive Maa. He asks Thapki not to convince him.

May I Come In Madam:

Boss waits for rain and dreams to dance with Sanju’s mum in law. Sanju lies to boss and sends him to change in washroom. Boss goes to clean his clothes and Sanju steals his clothes. Boss and Sanju’s mum in law get into a funny situation.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Pragya slapped Tanu in the party. Abhi controls his anger on Pragya and stops himself. Pragya is hurt by Abhi’s behavior. Pragya tries to explain Abhi that she loves him. Abhi is angered knowing Pragya’s affair news. Tanu succeeded to break them.



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