Rishi-Tanu’s Kasam still awaiting family consent



Tanu has become spider man, pillow fighter and selfie slapper as she is slapping Rishi and her brother while taking selfie. They are playing a game. Rishi sees Tanvi dancing with Pavan, but he controls his anger and nice family moments happen. Rishi’s parents dance on a song with others. It is yet to be seen how Rishi will expose Pavan. Tanu and Rishi’s relation are bounded by pain. Tanu cares for Rishi’s pain and applies ointment on his hands. A romantic song plays………..Rishi’s love is showing effect on Tanu as she gets concerned for him seeing him injured.

Later, Rishi and Tanu have a filmi romantic scene. There is darkness in the room. Rishi goes to check fuse, while Tanu holds the candle for him. There is an intense eyelock and silent romance between them. Rishi tries to explain her their soul connectivity. The family was playing passing the parcel game. Pavan goes to Rishi and Tani, and comes in between. Rishi’s mum knows Rishi loves Tanu. Tanu has to agree for Rishi’s alliance, and this can happen publicly when Pavan gets exposed.


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