Zoo picnic and Gorilla drama next in Thapki Pyaar Ki



Thapki and Bihaan visit Vasundara at Shraddha’s house and get shocked seeing Vasundara working as the maid. Bihaan scolds Shraddha a lot for not respecting elderly Vasundara. Shraddha plans to take revenge from Bihaan and Thapki. She thinks to harm Thapki, as Thapki has now become Bihaan’s life.

Pandey family visits the zoo on a picnic. Shraddha plans to harm Thapki and puts her phone in Gorilla‚Äôs cage. When Thapki tries to take her phone, her hand gets stuck. Bihaan comes in nick of the time and saves Thapki. Thapki and Bihaan will be meeting a gorilla. The gorilla tries to attack Thapki. Bihaan scolds the gorilla and says she is my wife, stay away, else I can get angry too. Bihaan warns Gorilla and takes Thapki with her. Shraddha then breaks the cage lock and frees Gorilla. The people get angry on Gorilla. Thapki tells them that they can’t behave bad with an animal, and that man has thrown stones at gorilla, which angered the ape. Thapki stops people from hurting Gorilla and saves him. Gorilla loves Thapki and gets against Shraddha. Gorilla follows Thapki to Pandey Nivaas and goes to her room. Thapki gets shocked seeing the Gorilla in her room and faints. Gorilla holds her with love and care. Gorilla stays around Thapki as she saved him in the zoo.



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