Dhruv to bring big twist in Thapki-Bihaan’s love story



Shraddha goes to Dhruv to make him against Vasundara. She breaks out the truth that Vasundara is the one who broke his marriage with Thapki. Dhruv gets super shocked. Shraddha tells him that Vasundara can’t be his mother, she is his enemy to ruin his dreams, happiness and love. Dhruv is very much hurt by this bitter truth. Dhruv has finally come to know that Vasundara broke his marriage with Thapki. He confronts Vasundara and asks her how can she ruin his life and happiness. He realized Vasundara has snatched his life. He asks why did she do this with her son. Vasundara asks him to trust him.


Dhruv cries and says he hates the word Maa from now. Bihaan asks Dhruv to calm down. Dhruv scolds Bihaan also. He asks him not to say a word today, Bihaan could not stopped Vasundara from doing this bad work and falling in a son’s eyes. Dhruv regrets to lose Thapki and breaks his relation with Vasundara. Vasundara shatters. Bihaan and Thapki console Vasundara. Dhruv still loves Thapki, and a new love triangle will begin again. Bihaan realizes Dhruv’s feelings for Thapki and his pain. Bihaan feels guilty to snatch his brother’s love. Dhruv will get after Thapki’s love once again. Shraddha would realize what big mistake she made by revealing Vasundara’s truth. Bihaan and Thapki’s love story would get a set back by Dhruv in upcoming track. Keep reading.


  1. Thapki is for dhruv hw can a girl lv another who have married by cheating this is a worst serial dhruv still lv thpki bt thapki she is a cheater the serial is worst worst

  2. Shadi kya mazaak hai kabi iske Sath to kabi uske Sath ye date serial wale to shadi ko khel samajhte hain plz thapki dhruv ki sacchai bihan aur vasundhara ko batao do varna bohot problem ho jaegi pati patni ko har raaz ek dusre se share karna cahie show makers aur writers se request hai ki bihan aur thapki ko separate na Karen warna is show ki trp for jaegi aur hum sabhi ye show dekhna bilkul band kar denge

    • Thapki sabko mavkaregi thoke pass bihaan, vasuthra ko mavkarthiya kyun, dhruv ko mavnayi karegi dhruv thapki ki pahla pyar, pahla pyar ko kaisi boolkayi thapki,kaisi ladki hai thapki ,bihaan ki saath pyar ho gaya ye kalath bilgul kalath dhruv ko phi sathi hogayi par dhruv abi bhi thapki ko pyar khar that hai dhruv great, thapki worst

  3. Dhruv hamisha aache thi thapki ki vachesei ye sub ho rahai besari dhruv apni pyar kileye thatab rahi hair dhruv ko insaf justice milna chakiye dhruv aur thapki phir se ek ho jayaki please…..


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