Dhruv to turn negative and break Thapki-Bihaan’s marriage



Balwinder announces that Thapki and Bihaan should get remarried with all rituals and customs properly, so that everyone pointing to their relation should get answered. Dhruv tells the family that he would take responsibility of Bihaan and Thapki’s marriage. He promises everyone to make the marriage very memorable. Dhruv does all the decorations and organizes the rasam function. Preeti and Suman announce a game where Thapki has to express her love to Bihaan in hindi, and Bihaan has to reply Thapki in English. Thapki wears a traditional dress and looks very pretty. Dhruv makes Bihaan wear a suit and asks him to interact with everyone in English. Bihaan is unable to speak in English. Some people taunt that Bihaan is a mismatch for Thapki, who is a beauty with brains.

Shraddha spikes Bihaan’s drinks. She makes Bihaan and his friends create a soon to make the Roka ritual turn embarrassing for Thapki. Bihaan and his friend behave weird and everyone get shocked and embarrassed. Bihaan tries to harm Shraddha and punish her, for playing the cheap trick with him. Thapki and Dhruv stop Bihaan from doing so. The family plays a game to see the love between the couples. They want to test who loves whom the most among all the couples. They all get shocked seeing Bihaan’s gift for Thapki, which was swapped by Dhruv. Dhruv turns negative and decided to do anything to get back his love Thapki. Dhruv makes Bihaan realize that Bihaan does not deserve Thapki. Will Dhruv succeed in his motives? Keep reading.


  1. If Dhruv succeeds the TRP of the serial will drop. Thapki is already a married woman and it makes no sense for Dhruv to marry a married woman. Indian television needs to portray Indian culture and not the rubbish they show.

  2. Dhruv should get married with thapki, dhruv has always been victim, thapki can’t just keep changing her love without considering about other person. Thapki is just selfish and bihaan is most selfish person. Bihaan should pay for his mistakes, dhruv is in all mess because of bihaan & Vasundhara.


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