Action, drama and love back in IshRa’s lives…



Raman sees Romi talking with Ashok. Raman sees Romi giving some file to Ashok, and a misunderstanding develops. Raman scolds Romi. Raman and Romi have a big fight in the rain outside their flat building. The brothers hurt each other a lot. Their fight begins by an argument. They both came together for Ruhi, but could not act for long. Adi stops their fight and asks them to think about Ruhi, how would she feel seeing them fighting like enemies, do they not want Ruhi to stay with them. After all this action, there is a romance between Raman and Ishita. Raman makes Ishita sleep and falls asleep. He gets backache and neck sprain. Doctor checks Raman and asks Raman to sleep well, when he has king size bed. Raman and Ishita have got their mohabbatein again. The family showers love on Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla, Mrs. Iyer and Ishita feed Ruhi with love. Ruhi’s heart is melting towards her family.

Later, Raman and Ishita hide in the almari as the goons after them. They don’t suffocate but instead romance with each other. Ishita sits close to Raman, finding herself in his embrace and is scared. Raman cares for her. There is nobody between them and there are lost in each other eyes. A romantic song plays……….Actually they were going on a date, some goons follow them, and they have no option than to take shelter in someone house.



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