TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week




Raman and Ishita hide in the almari as the goons after them. They don’t suffocate but instead romance with each other. Ishita sits close to Raman, finding herself in his embrace and is scared. Raman cares for her. There is nobody between them and there are lost in each other eyes. A romantic song plays……….Actually they were going on a date, some goons follow them, and they have no option than to take shelter in someone house.


Gopi is going to office and start her new life. Kokila blesses her. Gopi is making a new start for making Kokila get her due respect and rights. Kokila thinks to help Gopi with jewellery as she is in need of money. Gopi pawns Kokila and her jewellery to get money for her saree business. The goldsmith gives her money. Krishna offers to help, but Gopi says she doesn’t want to take his help.


Rishi has decided that he will marry Tanu/Tanvi only. Destiny will change, mehendi will show its colors, and Rishi and Tanvi’s Kasam will be fulfilled. An attacker came to kill Rishi, but he bumps into Tanvi. There is some thrill in the episode, and someone will be stabbed. Mehendi designer writes P on Tanvi’s hand, but R gets written instead. Tanvi has realized that her Kasam is with Rishi and not with Pavan. Rishi is trying to prove Pavan’s truth, as he couldn’t see anything beyond Tanvi. There is Neha’s mehendi also, but Rishi is yearning to get Tanvi. Rishi goes to Tanvi and tries to convince her.


Chakor and Tina get ready for their respective marriages. Chakor wears jewelry and waist band, and she is excited for her marriage. Chakor makes Tina elope from there, and plans to make Imli marry Suraj. Imli loves Suraj and is pregnant with his child, while Tina elopes as she wants her independence and doesn’t want to marry. Imli gets ready as the bride. She wears a long ghunghat over her face. Chakor is also ready as the bride. They both are ready to become haveli’s bahus. Chakor asks Imli not to talk to anyone. Suraj comes to the room to talk to Tina, but no one allows him to talk to the bride. Suraj does not know whom is he marrying. It has to be seen whether Suraj accepts Imli as his wife after marriage, or will Chakor has to do something to change Suraj.


Manjulika dances in the party and tries to woo Rajveer with her black magic. She dances on the song RAng Lagale Re… Manjulika gave a gift to Pari which she couldn’t forget all her life. She says she will wear black saree on black night. Manjulika gets close to Rajveer through Pari’s body.


Sahil comes to meet Swara in jungle. He says Swara belongs to him. Swara is shocked to see his psychotic behavior and runs towards the same place where she lost her memory. Swara gets her memory back as Sahil points gun on her head while standing on the cliff near the river. Sanskar and Laksh follow them. Swara shouts Sanskar. Sahil asks Sanskar not to come near him. Laksh and Sanskar are shocked. Swara bites on Sahil’s hand, runs towards Sanskar and hugs him. She faints as she gets her memory back. It is yet to be seen if it is their plan to get Swara remember her memory or conspiracy of Sahil.


Rocky/New Kunj makes Twinkle wear his fiancee’s ring, and then makes her take out ring and injures her finger. Twinkle scolds him and asks why did you ask me to try your fiancee ring. Twinkle and Kunj’s love story will restart.


Aradhya’s birthday is celebrated. Pradhyumna throws a big party for Aradhya. Tulsi gets a cake for Aradhya. Aradhya insults Tulsi and makes her leave. Kumudini comes and tells them something shocking. She tells that Pradhyumna has named all his property to Aryan, so now she has got everything from Pradhyumna. Pradhyumna gets shocked. Aryan walks in the party.


Bindu insults Rani as she comes to know that she was a servant in their palace in childhood. Rani cries and gives a fitting reply to Bindu. Bindu is taking revenge on Rani seeing her growing friendship with Raja.



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