Raman weeps in fright of loneliness…


yeh hai mhbtn91

Raman has neck sprain. He falls down in the washroom and could not help himself. Ishita goes to help him and gets him out of the bathtub. Raman gets much hurt. Ishita makes Raman lie down on the bed and takes care of him. Raman asks Ishita to not tell this incident to anyone. She asks him not to go office. They spend some sweet moments and laugh. Ruhi wonders if Raman and Ishita are getting together again.


Later, Niddhi does not want Raman and Ishita to get Ruhi’s custody. Raman gets angry on Ishita and blames her for losing Ruhi. He asks why did Ishita come back when she had to leave him. He cries and says today Ruhi is leaving, and then you will leave tomorrow, I will become lonely again. He throws the things around. He loses his mind and holds Ishita responsible for everything. Ruhi got ready to leave with Niddhi. Ruhi’s decision has broken Raman. He has lost all hopes and his pain comes out as his tears. He says I m staying alone since seven years, nothing is getting fine, I m losing everything. Ishita hugs and consoles Raman. Shagun sees them and is hurt. Shagun also understood that just Ishita can handle Raman. Raman and Ishita stayed in each other’s hearts even when they were distant.


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