TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week





Rishi is marrying Neha, and Tanu is marrying Pavan. Rishi looks at Tanu. His heart is crying and is unable to bear this. Rishi and Tanu’s love story got incomplete. Rishi exchanges garlands with Neha. Tanu and Pavan also exchange garlands. Rishi cries and thinks Tanu has accepted Pavan as her groom. Tanu is unhappy and cries as she does not love Pavan. Neha knows Rishi does not love her, but is sure to win his love. Pavan taunts Rishi and congratulates him for failing to marry Tanu. The wedding does not complete, and just Varmala ritual happens. There is much drama in the wedding. Rishi and Tanu’s marriage will happen with a big twist.


Raman has neck sprain. He falls down in the washroom and could not help himself. Ishita goes to help him and gets him out of the bathtub. Raman gets much hurt. Ishita makes Raman lie down on the bed and takes care of him. Raman asks Ishita to not tell this incident to anyone. She asks him not to go office. They spend some sweet moments and laugh. Ruhi wonders if Raman and Ishita are getting together again.


Pragya shows the original report of DNA test of Abhi and Tanu’s baby. She claims that Tanu is not pregnant with Abhi’s baby and shows the report. Tanu and Nikhil get shocked. Tanu brings fake report which proves Abhi to be her baby’s father. Abhi is confused whom to believe. Tanu feigns to faint to get some time to plan against Pragya. Nikhil gets concerned for Tanu and asks someone to give water. Abhi senses his concerned for Tanu. Pragya understands Tanu is acting. Abhi got to know Pragya’s truth and Tanu’s lie is exposed. Abhi and Pragya’s romance will be seen again. Abhi and Pragya have a romantic dance in a party. They are very much in love. Everyone praise the couple. Abhi and Pragya express feelings via an eyelock. All doubts in Pragya and Abhi’s hearts got cleared.


Vivaan is angry with Chakor and throws the things around. He ruins his room and angrily kicks out Chakor of his room. Vivaan and Imli blame Chakor for ruining their lives. Imli hates Chakor as Chakor snatched her love Suraj. Chakor faces hatred from Suraj too.

Kuch Pyar PKAB:

Sonakshi is applying mehendi and writes Dev’s name. Dev and Sonakshi’s love is getting higher. She clicks pics of her mehendi and messages Dev to find his name in her mehendi. Dev and Sonakshi chat. Mami ji comes to Sonakshi’s room to keep an eye on Sonakshi. Sonakshi goes out and locks door. Mami ji gets locked. Sonakshi comes later and asks Mami ji when did she come here. Mami ji says its my house, I can come anywhere. She argues with Sonakshi.


Ganga dances with the girls. Sagar, Pulkit and the guys peek in and see the girl’s party. Sagar also has his bachelor’s party, but he is more interested in watching Ganga’s hen’s party. Niranjan catches Sagar and his friends watching the girls. They all get speechless and leave. Niranjan pats on Pulkit and Sagar. They ask who is it, just go. Niranjan says your father. They both get shocked and run making excuse.


Ragini is worried with Parineeta’s threat. She tries talking to Swara about it and thinks how to handle Parineeta’s threats. Annapurna gives sweets to Ragini, she eats it. Ragini tries to tell the secret to Swara, but Durga Prasad calls her and she goes without listening to Ragini. There is a challenge for Swara. She has to support Ragini in bringing her mum’s baby in the world safely.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

Rajni says command accepted as Surili gives her hand in Shaan’s hand. Surili asks Rajni not to leave her son again. Samaira is ready to leave Shaan’s house as she is heart broken. Shaan says I was about to tell you, but…..Samaira congratulates him. Surili is upset with Samaira and that’s why asks Rajni never to leave her son. She is angry at Samaira for leaving Shaan before. Samaira comes to Shaan’s house insearch of Rajni and comes to know about Shaan and Rajni’s marriage. The heart breaking thing for her is that Shaan haven’t told Samaira about his marriage. Shaan finds Rajni in the market and jumps in joy seeing her. He says I am your Shaan…Rajni and hugs her. They unite through a fish which falls on Shaan in the market.



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