Chakor turns into helpless bandhua again in Udaan



Chakor and Suraj got married and their wedding night has come. They both hate each other. Suraj refuses to give divorce to Chakor. Tejaswini makes Chakor ready as the bride and sends her to Suraj. Chakor is helpless and crying. Suraj laughs seeing Chakor helpless. Suraj tries to get close to Chakor. He knows Chakor will not allow him to stay in room. Suraj is troubling Chakor a lot, and wants to control Chakor all the time. Suraj shows the fake evidence. Chakor gets shocked seeing the video in which Imli was aiming gun at Bhaiya ji.

Suraj tells Chakor that Imli has killed his father and he will not leave Imli. Suraj threatens Chakor that he will send Imli to jail for Bhaiya ji’s murder blame. Chakor changes her decision to give divorce to Suraj. Vivaan and Imli get shocked hearing her decision. They lose trust on Chakor. Vivaan breaks all ties with Chakor, and is heartbroken. Vivaan and Imli do not know how Suraj is blackmailing Chakor. Chakor can’t take divorce now and asks Suraj to give her the evidence against Imli. Suraj plays tricks and its cat and mouse game between them now.


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