Sandhya to resume police duty; new twists begin in DABH



Sooraj has got fine and recovered from paralysis. Bhabho has named Sooraj’s daughter as Kanak. Sooraj expresses his desire of seeing Sandhya in her police uniform again. He requests Sandhya to return his happiness. Sooraj gets back to his sweet shop and starts working as halwai again. He asks Sandhya to join her job again. Entire family agree with Sooraj and convince Sandhya to pursue her happiness ad dreams again. Sandhya has rejoined her police duty. Everyone in the department welcome Sandhya well.

The staff asks Sandhya to make jalebis for them. Sandhya could not refuse to them, and goes to cook jalebis for junior staff. Sandhya’s staff gets glad having the sweets. Commissioner visits the station and gets angry seeing Sandhya as halwai. He tells Sandhya and staff to do duty and not forget why they are present here. Sandhya wanted to keep everyone happy, but commissioner asks her not to become chef in police station. He takes Sandhya’s class. The lady officer who requested Sandhya for jalebis will have ulterior motives. She will pose problem for Sandhya in upcoming episodes. Keep reading.



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