Happy moments for Rishi and Tanu post marriage



Rishi and Tanu gets married in a temple. He has taken seven vows with her and promised to support her all his life. He swears on the fire and takes the wedding vows holding Tanu’s hands for seven births. He fills her maang with sindoor. Tanu has heard her heart and marries Rishi infront of Goddess. They are on cloud nine and happy. This Dilwala has managed to get his dulhaniya. They have run away from home and married in the temple. A lady Katiyani Devi who is a guiding factor for them, witnesses their marriage and showers flowers on her. Tanu is married to Rishi and is happy. Suspense is waiting in the show. The temple bell rings heavily and wind is blown surprising them. Pavan might catch them. Tanu will die after Pavan attacks Rishi. She will take a rebirth and will have a new face after the leap. Rishi and Tanu are starting their new life post marriage. They both reach Kali Maa temple and hold hands to pray together. Their dramatic marriage got completed, but there will be romance and big twists in the show.


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