Pragya’s kidnapping and separation yet again in Kumkum Bhagya



Pragya is kidnapped by Tanu. She cries and is tied by ropes to the chair. Hamari adhuri kahani……………plays………. Tanu has kidnapped Pragya and Abhi is still eyes closed. Abhi does not realize Tanu’s truth. Tanu got Pragya kidnapped so that she can get Abhi. Abhi has missed Pragya from his heart, and he imagines Pragya. Abhi’s eyes had tears and Pragya has accepted him with smile, there is union time after a long time. There is promo shoot where Tanu is getting exposed. Tanu is going away in darkness and Pragya’s smile is coming back.

Tanu worries doctor may say her truth to Abhi. Pragya will get doctor and make her say truth that Tanu’s baby is not of Abhi. But as of now, Abhi has signed divorce papers. He sees the photos and cries. His hand bleeds and he tries to hug Pragya. She disappears and Abhi gets sad. Tanu is rejoicing on her happiness, but Dadi’s one slap ruins her happiness. Tanu knew everything and angrily slapped Tanu. Tanu will get Abhi’s slap too.


  1. The script writer of Kumkum Bhagya needs to be more creative. I do understand that they need to be extended but there are so many flaws…first Pragya’s mother could not speak but nothing was wrong with her hands to write…the idea of the DNA report is such an obvious thing but came into the picture so late. Finally, you’ll have portrayed Abhi as God and everyone else’s world revolves round him….that’s so stupid! Why is it that always have to prove things to him….and after proving time and time again, he still does not believe the people who have always proved that they were right. Is he that stupid?!?! One more thing…every time Tanu or Nikhil talk to Pragya and literally tell her about all their bad intentions, why the hell cant she record it on her mobile? Seriously, it’s become a joke and the script writer needs to be more creative because it is getting really annoying to watch this ridiculous serial!

  2. I have been watching Kumkum Bhagya since it started on television.and since then till today how come, it is always, Pragya is wrong and blamed for every thing so easily.Why she never wins.Why always things go negative for PRAGYA.
    Change your script,its just getting to much,, and BORING” I Personally Met Pragya in Mumbai Hotel Marriott,and just about few episodes were released,since then till today it has always things going wrong for Pragya. Its about time you change your script. I [email protected] know about the others, I defiantly stop watching this serial


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