Top Twisty Surprise Spoilers




Anika gets drenched in rain being on the way to her home. Shivay passes by and goes to taunt her. Anika has shown courage to accept his challenge. Shivay has destroyed everything in her life. He gives her a blank cheque and tries to buy her. Anika refuses to take his favor.


Vansh gets to know that Sooraj and Sandhya are his real parents. Vansh creates a big issue of this, as Sandhya has hidden this truth from him. Ved is worried knowing Sandhya has gone to stop the bank robbers. Sooraj pacifies him.


Bundela family is crying and Paridhi has a sharp smile on her face, as she has Manjulika’s soul in her. The ghosts have killed Omkar. Manjulika’s mum says Omkar is one of the nine persons who killed her. Vishal is also missing, family is finding him, they will get shocked knowing Manjulika killed Vishal. Paridhi tells Dadi to keep puja at home. Dadi also feels there is negative energy at home and she wants to keep puja. Paridhi and Bundela family are doing Hanuman puja, and Rajbeer called psychiatrist to get some items to cure Paridhi. Manjulika is fooling everyone. Doctor tells Rajveer that someone did Vashikaran on Paridhi and gives Infrared cameras to him, to keep an eye on Paridhi and if there is any ghost, it will be visible in the camera.

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Ishita loves Adi, Ruhi and Pihu. She has many emotions for her children and has equal love for all of them. Ishita spends time with all of them. Ruhi says we have to explain Pihu what relation Ishita has with Pihu. Ishita gets touched when Ruhi calls her Ishi Maa. Ishita asks Ruhi not to take any tension. Ruhi was leaving from home alone at night, but Mani stops Ruhi by asking her to stay back for Ishita’s love sake. Ishita was also leaving, and Adi stops her. Adi cries and hugs Ishita, asking her not to leave him again. Ishita apologizes to him. Ruhi asks Pihu to call Ishita as Ishi Maa. Pihu likes the name and says Ishita is my Ishi Maa from today. Ishita hugs Pihu and shares happiness with her.

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Mere Angne Mein:

Riya slips on the stairs and Shanti sweetly scolds her. She makes Riya prepare her pregnancy walk. She asks Riya to practice and she has to take care of herself. Shanti asks Nimmi to learn pregnancy walk too as she may also need to know all this. Shanti then realizes the truth that she has hurt Nimmi’s heart. Nimmi and everyone cry recalling Vyom’s death. Some neighbor kids come to attend Preeti’s birthday party. Shanti gets a wish to get a new member in Shanti Sadan and wants Riya to give them good news soon.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi:

Dev and Sonakshi have a lovely meet. Ishwari has given her nod to accept Sonakshi for Dev. Their love’s color is coming out now. They both have a sweet moment. Dev asks Sonakshi not to say anything and just be with him. He gives the good news to Sonakshi that his mum has given her approval. Sonakshi has many questions to know from Dev and he asks her to not ask anything. Sonakshi’s dad asks her to share things with her, if she needs anyone to talk.


Kartik and Naira were dropping Yash and Rose. Kartik’s car stops on the way. The tyre punctures and Kartik asks Yash and Rose to wait for some time. Naira helps Kartik. She holds the umbrella in the rain and slips in Kartik’s arms. Kartik and Naira have an eyelock. They both are connected by any way always. Kartik dreams about Naira. Yash and Rose dance in the rain and enjoy the romantic moment. Kartik replaces the tyre and calls Yash and Rose back. Naira feels something for Kartik for the first time. She stares at him with love. Yash and Rose have their Christian wedding tomorrow.


Everyone is stunned when Chakor tells them the truth of Imli’s pregnant. Bhuvan and Kasturi get angry on Imli, and take her to their house, as Vivaan leaves for London. Tejaswini asks Suraj why did he not manage to get Imli’s child aborted. Suraj tells her that he has asked Imli to go to Lucknow and abort the baby, but Imli did not agree saying she will manage her baby alone. Chakor hears Suraj and Tejaswini’s talk. She gets some plan and tells them that she will convince Imli to abort the child. Chakor accompanies Tejaswini to meet Imli. They meet Imli and try to convince her to abort the baby, as Vivaan has also left her now, and no one would give father’s name to the baby. Suraj tells Chakor that he does not care for Imli’s chid. Imli apologizes to Kasturi and Bhuvan for her big mistake, and agrees to abort her child. Tejaswini tells Suraj that Imli agreed for abortion and has gone to hospital. Suraj gets shocked and worried for child. He rushes to hospital to stop Imli from aborting the child.

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