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Kumkum Bhagya:


Pragya goes to Abhi and cries. Abhi is annoyed. She is trying to convince him. Abhi is unwell. Pragya gets kada for him. Abhu does not like the kada and gets angry. Abhi does not want Pragya to come close to her, but Pragya’s heart does not listen. Pragya takes care of Abhi.

Jamai Raja:

Payal took over Neil’s house and property. She is taking revenge and makes everyone work as servants. Payal rules the house. Sid and Roshni has planned Payal’s comeback. Sid wants Neil’s misunderstanding about Payal gets cleared and they unite again.

Naksh misses Tara and thinks of her. He hits some car. He finds the girl hurt and cares for her. Naksh meets that girl often and his love story will start.


Ragini and Swara share their sorrows. Ragini cries after Sumi lost the baby. Ragini’s dreams shattered and talks to Swara about her planning with the baby. Swara hugs Ragini and consoles her.


Vivaan and Imli decided to stay as husband and wife. He gets Imli from guesthouse. He does not give divorce to Imli. He takes care of Imli, as she is pregnant. He promises to keep friendship and makes her sleep on the bed for her comfort.


Ishita meets Mani and wants to make him settle down with Shagun. Mani knows Ishita is his well wisher and is considering her advice. Mani agrees to marry Shagun.


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