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Raja is angry and makes Rani climb the ladder to paint the wall. Raja is jealous and hurt. He drags Rani and challenges her to paint the house. Rani says its risky to stand on height and paint the wall, but accepted the challenge. Rani would have got bones broken if Raja did not hold her in time. Raja loves Rani a lot. He is hurt and thinks Rani kept him away from his house for 10 years. He wants answers from Rani or her apology. Raja feels love for a moment and then turns angry. He throws Rani on the floor. Rani will not lose so soon and stands on the ladder again to paint the wall. Jeevan reaches there and helps her in wall painting. He also feeds lunch to Rani. Raja gets mad seeing him. Raja is eccentric and can’t see anyone touching Rani.


Thapki is crying as Bihaan has gone away from her because of Dhruv. Thapki scolds Dhruv for filling poison in Bihaan’s heart, but tells him that he can never make her and Bihaan separated. Bihaan refuses to marry Thapki and ends ties with her. He doubts on her, and thinks Thapki cares for Dhruv more. She shows him Dhruv’s letter to prove she is right, but the paper turns blank. Bihaan does not believe her. He thinks Dhruv’s friendship is more important for her than their love. Dhruv is very happy and thinks Thapki will accept him. Dadi comes there and Dhruv changes his words. Thapki thinks to explain Bihaan by doing something.

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Pihu has high fever. Ishita takes care of Pihu and makes her have medicines. Bhallas were tensed as Pihu was not having food and medicines. Pihu just wanted to see Shagun. Shagun is not at home. Ishita showers her motherly love on Piihu and could not see Pihu’s ill state. She tells Lord Krishna’s story and comforts Pihu. Ruhi smiles seeing Ishita and Pihu happy. Ruhi feels guilty to insult Ishita so much. Ishita and Pihu come closer. Shagun has gone by lying that she is out of city. Abhishek informs Ishita that Shagun is in city. Ishita and Ruhi leave to find Shagun.


Badri Chacha ji has made Aru her business client, after getting impressed by her. Aru goes to meet the clients. She finds some goons there who trouble Aru. Aarav comes there at right time and beats the goons, who try to molest Aru. Aarav makes a heroic entry, and saves Aru. Aarav planned to send goons to show Badri Chacha ji that Aru is not capable to manage business. Aarav acts and shows concern for Aru.


Kartik apologizes to Naira and does situps to convince her. A love story started in Singhania house. Naira sits upset on the stairs. Kartik writes cheerful messages and throws paper planes. Kartik cheers Naira and holds ears to say sorry. He tells her that he will never trouble her now. He wears a frog mask and jumps. Gayu has fallen in love with Kartik. Akshara wishes Gayu gets her love.


The society gives an incident a name of Lord’s justice. The ladies confront Kumudini. Shravani’s maang gets sindoor when she bends to take Lord’s blessings. The ladies say Shravani has become a Devdasi and this is Lord’s wish. Aryan does not accept this and asks what if opposite happens. He wipes the sindoor and fights with the villagers. Aryan supports Shravani, and this may create some problem between him and Aradhya. The ladies blame Aryan and get against him. Aryan says Shravani will stay in my house and I will take responsibility of her. The villagers have superstitions in their minds. Aryan and Aradhya together have to make things fine.


Urmila becomes Gopi and is serving Krishna’s mother. Gopi has many duties on her. Pramila asks Gopi to take care of house too. Gopi is managing home and business. She is trying to balance well. But Gopi thinks she is failing to strike balance. Urmila tells Gopi that she will serve Gopi’s mum in law till Gopi finishes her work. Urmila dresses like Gopi, and goes to Pramila. Pari and Mona see Urmila in Gopi’s attire, and try to tell truth to Pramila.


Rajbeer is behaving strange. Paridhi asks him how can he talk with his family like this. Rajbeer is becoming a problem for them. He tells his family that he wants to sell the house and divide the property. He asks his brother to sign on papers. He announces that he is selling the old haveli. Everyone is shocked and tells Rajbeer that he can’t decide alone, he can’t sell property. Rajbeer is possessed by Saudamani. She wants to divide and rule, to take revenge from Paridhi. Rajbeer is hurting his family being in Saudamani’s control. He becomes negative and everyone starts hating him. Paridhi gets doubtful of Rajbeer’s behavior.

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