Swaragini to tackle Adarsh’s divorce


The show is surrounded by internal drama in families. When there are vamps and villains at home, they don’t need external forces to create troubles. During, a auspicious day where family is seen celebrating, something unexpected happens. Laksh’s parents wedding anniversary is going on. Adarsh decided to give divorce to Parineeta. He tells Durga Prasad that he can’t accept Parineeta after what all she did with the family.


Adarsh expresses his sorrow and tells his parents that he can’t stay with Parineeta and can’t see her as his wife. Parineeta’s mum is the one who breaks this news to Adarsh’s family. Parineeta’s mum asks Annapurna to explain her son.


Annapurna folds hands and apologizes saying, I can’t do anything this time. Swara and Ragini would help Parineeta if track has to extend, else viewers can see the mark of Parineeta’s character in Swaragini.


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