High Five Spoilers

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Akshara has become super mom and have dressed perfectly like a model. Akshara is modelling for Gayu and showed confidence on stage, but Akshara loses balance as her sandal heel breaks. One of the pearls string breaks it. She manages to fold it around her hand. Meanwhile, Naira is having photo session and was tensed. Kartik comes and makes her pose for the pics. Akshara gets tensed as Gayu might get angry on her.


Chakor and Imli have kept haryali teej. Chakor is tensed seeing Vihaan making Imli swing on the swinger. Imli wants to make Suraj jealous and make him know that she has moved on. Chakor didn’t keep fast, but she has not eaten anything, so she is forced to keep fast for Suraj. Chakor and Imli’s parents sent shagun for Imli, but for Chakor. Chakor gets sad. Suraj’s mum taunts her. Suraj lifts Chakor and takes her to room, to take revenge.


Dhaani is marrying for the third time, but with Parshiya. She is seated with Parshiya like a Marathi bride. She is marrying him for Vidha’s happiness. Vidha does their ghatbandhan. Dhaani is not happy with her marriage and is shattered from inside as she has broken Viplav’s heart even though still she loves him. Just as she was taking pheras with Parshiya, Vidha faints and the marriage halts in the middle. Dhaani and Parshiya will take her to the hospital and will come to know about the deadly disease which she is suffering from. Dhaani have to return to Viplav to save Vidha’s life.


Rishi agrees to marry to someone else. Suddenly, the fire broke out in the house and Tanuja saves the family wisely just as Tanu would act in such a situation. She saves Nidhi and holds the fallen pillar. Bedi family is happy as Rishi said yes for marriage, but he loves Tanu immensely. He feels pain of losing her. Tanuja gets a dream and imagines a man holding Tanu’s hand. It was Rishi and Tanu, but Tanuja couldn’t see their faces. May be Tanuja will come to Mumbai and meet Rishi, bringing twist in the story.


Shivay and Anika get angry on each other. Anika fights with him. Shivay tells his brother about Anika’s arrogance. Shivay might realize that Anika is the right girl for him and may cancel his marriage with Tia.


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