High Five Spoilers

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Chakor is celebrating Teej and gets dressed well up. Suraj is angry and gets drunk. Suraj has gone mad and tries to molest Chakor. Chakor asks him to leave her. She gets a knife and keeps Suraj away her. Suraj leaves from the room. Chakor cries and drops the knife, realizing the problem she fell in. Chakor’s life changed after her marriage. Chakor will take her flight again.


Raja kisses Rani forcibly and pushes her away. Raja is torturing a lot in his anger. Raja is doing what he wants, and not realizing he is hurting his love by his bad behavior. He stops her holding his dress and it gets torn. Raja removes his shirt and makes her wear it. This is Raja’s strange way to express love to Rani.


Swara and Ragini get into an argument. Ragini slaps Swara in anger. Swara rushes to her room and cries in loneliness. She could not find her brother. Sanskar consoles her. Sanskar and Swara go to the adoption centre and ask for the newly born baby adopted. The lady gives them some details for the baby’s adopted. Swara gives those details to police and wishes Sumi gets her child back soon.


Pihu gets to know about Shagun’s marriage happening with Mani. Pihu gets hurt and feels like losing her mother. Shagun cries as Pihu is against her and Mani’s relation. Shagun sheds crocodile tears to win Mani’s sympathy. Shagun thinks of using Mani to break Raman and Ishita’s relation.

Tashan E Ishq:

Yuvraj has kept a welcome party for Kunj. Twinkle feels cheated. Twinkle says they both have hurt me, and did not think of her emotions. Yuvraj asks Twinkle to go back to Kunj and has taken a decision to leave her. She gets emotionally hurt as neither of Yuvraj and Kunj ask her decision.



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