Memory loss track to begin in Kumkum Bhagya


Abhi comes to know through Purab that Aaliya, Tanu and Nikhil have planned to kill Pragya together. Purab asks Abhi to call Pragya and stop her from sitting in her car, oblivious to the fact that Abhi is actually in the car and driving it. Abhi gets shocked and thanks Purab for saving Pragya’s life and informing him about his enemies conspiracy. An emotional Abhi, who has just united with Pragya and dreamt to live life with her, calls her. He informs her that the car which he is driving had been compromised by the trio, and he can die at any moment.

Pragya gets shocked and tells Abhi that nothing will happen to him as she has applied kumkum of his name. She asks him to tell where is he? Abhi says it is too late now and their conversations end. The story is back from when it started. Abhi’s car meets with an accident.

There will be a merger episode of Kumkum and Brahma Rakshas.

There will be a merger episode of Kumkum and Brahma Rakshas. Pragya takes lift from Brahmarakshas ‘s lead character Raina, so that she can save Abhi. She keeps lotus with her, to keep Brahma Rakshas away in the merger episode. Abhi will have a memory loss, and the same story will be retold. Abhi will forget everything and his love, and the incidents related to him in the past three years. Keep reading.


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