Ragini’s mad behavior raises new questions


Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in Maheshwari family. After happy moments, Ragini and Swara argue infront of the family. Swara was making Ragini have laddoo, but Ragini gives her a tight slap. The family gets shocked seeing Ragini’s mad behavior.

Ragini shouts on everyone, and speaks against Swara. She is angry that everyone misunderstands her always, and believes Swara. Laksh tries to control Ragini. Ragini is troubled by Parineeta’s death. Ragini calls herself bad and acts crazy.

Ragini beats herself, and everyone feel shocked seeing Ragini’s high temper. Ragini tells everyone that she is not always wrong. Ragini is blackmailed by someone, who asks her to spoil relations with Swara, else Parineeta’s death truth would be out. Swara has to find the solution and also save Ragini from the blackmailer. The blackmailer is someone from the family, and Ragini is trying to save her loved one’s life. Ragini feels hurt to slap her sister, but no one knows the entire truth. How will Swara help Ragini this time? Keep reading.

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