Parineeta drowns in the river


Parineeta falls in the river, and this makes Ragini panic. Ragini feels everyone will doubt her for pushing Parineeta. Ragini hurries to save Parineeta and till then the latter drowns. Swara calls Ragini asking her to come home at the earliest as Sumi and Shekhar has arrived. Ragini is frustrated and talks rudely with Swara. Later, Ragini goes home and is worried thinking of Parineeta’s death.

Swara tries asking her about her tension, and Ragini does not confide in her. Ragini thinks to act normal and not let Swara doubt on her. Swara questions Ragini about her mangalsutra. Ragini makes an excuse of giving that for repair and leaves for temple along with Swara. Ragini then rushes to the river shore to find her mangalsutra, fearing she will be caught for Parineeta’s death. Ragini could not get her mangalsutra, and worries that Swara will doubt on her realizing she left from temple alone.


On the other hand, the hospital nurse blackmails Dadi for money. The duo in crime meets at the temple and have a talk. Swara misses to see her Dadi there. Parineeta’s mother Sulekha would be making an entry and threatens Maheshwari family of dire consequences if she does not get her daughter back.


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