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Kartik and Naira’s romance is the rains. Naksh and Kartik take Naira and Mishti to the market. They stop at the sweetcorn stall. Naira plays in the rain and is very happy after winning the dance contest. Kartik imagines Naira and his romantic sequence. He writes I love you in the corn and gives to Naira. Naira accepts his love in his dream sequence. Naksh is worried seeing the goons present around. Kartik asks Naksh about the problem. Naksh asks him to drop Naira home, as the place is not safe. Mishti asks Naksh is she thinking of that girl, and teases him. Naira and Mishti pull his leg thinking Naksh is in love. Naksh is in deep worry. Kartik understands Naksh’s concern. Naksh gets the mystery girl to his house to secure her life. Mishti hears Naksh talking to the girl.



Bhabho is leaving for temple to do aarti. Meenakshi tells Bhabho that the idol has got stolen. Sandhya assures Bhabho that she will make everything fine. Meenakshi sees Shilpi’s sketch made by police artist. She recognizes Shilpi and the trap Misri fell in. Sandhya will target the culprits behind human trafficking.


Dhruv points knife at Thapki’s neck and asks everyone to move back, else he will kill Thapki. Dhruv takes Thapki along and leaves from the house. Bihaan follows them and reaches the jungle in hunt for them. Thapki shouts for help. Dhruv’s crazy love has turned Thapki’s love worse. Dhruv promises Thapki that he will make a Tajmahal for her and confesses love to her.


Mani and Shagun got married. They have a dance and celebrate their marriage. Mani and Shagun have turned good friends. They have become best friends and life partners. The family planned a romantic date for them, post marriage. Mani seems to got happy to get a good life partner. He likes the surprise and also Shagun. Mani hugs Shagun, and she pushes him away by recalling Raman. Mani apologizes to her. Shagun controls her anger and apologizes to him.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya is broken by Abhi’s accident. Aaliya taunts Pragya and laughs on her. Pragya will not let Abhi forget her. Aaliya and Tanu are happy to see Abhi’s state. Tanu tells Aaliya that she is very excited and wants to see what Pragya will do now.

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