High Five Spoilers

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Imli gets stomach ache and refuses to go with Suraj to hospital. Suraj wants to take care of her child. Imli says she will go just with Vivaan or die. Vivaan and Ragini come and take Imli to doctor. Imli gets regular checkup done and comes home. Suraj tries to see reports and Imli takes the reports from him. Suraj is concerned for his child and is hurt with Imli’s hatred.


Ishita has got Pihu from Shagun’s home. Pihu is angry that Ishita separated her from Shagun and is afraid that Ishita will separate her from Raman as well. Pihu makes Raman and Ishita away. Ishita holds herself responsible. Raman tells her that she is world’s best mum. Ishita calls herself a bad mother and thinks to send Pihu back to Shagun. She calls Shagun, and Raman stops her. Raman explains her that she has explained children what’s a mother, she can’t lose. He checks her hand lines and jokes that she has nine births and will torture everyone more. He tries to cheer her up and says you got a good handsome husband. He tells Ishita that he also feels pain, but he does not express it. He hugs Ishita and assures that they will clear Pihu’s misunderstandings soon.


Its Teej and women keep the food ready on the table. Naira teases Kartik to have food, and eats food herself. He pats on her face and she makes him eat chillies. He starts crying and drinks water. Gayu is jealous seeing Naira with Kartik. Kartik and Naira have another sweet moment, but only in his imagination. Kartik dreams of Naira all the time. Kartik does lunch with Naira, and she eats chillies. He stops her and makes her drink water. He feeds her sweets. Kartik apologizes to Naira and kisses her. She stays annoyed. Kartik makes her smile. Kartik is very much in love.


Raina and Rishabh are the new lovebirds, whose romance will be seen in BrahmaRakshas. Rishabh and Raina have an argument about his sister’s marriage. Raina wants his sister to marry the guy she loves, but Rishabh is angry on Raina for interfering in his sister’s life. Raina finds herself right in her place. BrahmaRakshas’s shadow falls on Raina. Raina gets shocked seeing BrahmaRakshas at her home. She screams in fear. Rishabh’s brother was getting angry seeing their family photo. Rishabh notices his brother’s weird behavior.


Women in Maheshwari family are on leave of household duties. Laksh tells them to go to parlor and says the men will do all the cooking stuff today. Laksh and Sanskaar cook food and blast the cooker. The women come home and have the food. Laksh and Sanskaar made great food and everyone just go praising it. Sujata and Annapurna could not believe their sons cooked the food. They all get to know Laksh and Sanskaar ordered food from hotel. Laksh tells them that Durga Prasad has ordered the food, we are Maheshwaris and did our work. The women laugh on his joke.



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