High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Tashan E Ishq:

Yuvraj has taken Jassi’s avatar. Twinkle and Kunj argue over Yuvraj. Twinkle tells Kunj that she will dance with Jassi. Twinkle is teaching dance to Jassi. Yuvraj is happy to be with her. Yuvraj has turned into an innocent man, of whom everyone makes fun. Kunj tells Jassi that he is not forcing him, but wants to teach him kick boxing. Kunj wants to turn Jassi into a dude. Twinkle and Kunj both want to make Jassi a cool guy. They pull Jassi to each other’s side. Kunj is jealous seeing Twinkle with Jassi. Kunj feels bad seeing all students bullying Jassi. He wants to groom Jassi.


Raina is making Rishabh’s sister run away. Raina helps Rakhi in eloping. Raina does not want Rakhi to fall in loveless marriage. Raina tries to take Rakhi to the guy she loves. Rishabh is also helping Raina. He is making Varun elope. Raina dislikes Rishabh. They got together because Rakhi is Raina’s best friend. Raina and Rakhi run away from home and get caught by BrahmaRakshas.

Ek Duje Ke Liye:

Suman makes Preeti ready as the bride. Preeti is worried for Suman’s life. Preeti is marrying the guy she loves. Suman consoles Preeti and asks her not to get worried for her. Suman cheers up Preeti. Preeti’s marriage will have a twist. Suman’s Nana ji is unwell and is on dialysis machine. There is much tension in the house.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

A fake spiritual Baba has come in Kant Family. He has met with Rajni. Shaan stops Rajni from beating the man. The man succeeded to ease out money from rich families. He has come to get some money from them. He had hope to get some cash, but he got to know Rajni is very clever. Rajni says I will apologize to him. The man forgives her and runs. Amrish gets a doubt on the man. Rajni will be exposing the fake Baba.


Mihir talks to Romi and says you have work pressure and you still enjoy, I called my friend Vicky to get special champagne bottle, Vicky said he gave it to his client, I got to know its you. Romi scolds Mihir for spying on him. Mihir clears the matter and says I wanted that exclusive wine and got to know you had it, I just wished to arrange that champagne for Shagun and Mani. He talks casually and Romi feels bad, asking him not to interfere in his life. Romi misunderstands Mihir. Romi is tensed that Mihika would know of his affair. On the other hand, Aaliya started falling in love with Mihir.



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