Swara to expose blackmailer’s truth


Ragini is suffering a lot and hurting her family on blackmailer’s orders. She thinks she couldn’t harm her family anymore and insists blackmailer to see his face. Blackmailer sees his face which shocks Ragini, as he is one among her family members. Ragini is concerned about her baby brother and that’s why following blackmailer’s instructions. Whenever she tries to inform Swara or Laksh, she gets blackmailer’s message asking her not to tell anyone, else he will kill her brother. Ragini stays quiet for the safety of her brother. On the other hand Swara is trying to search their brother and takes Sanskar’s help.

During Janmasthami celebrations, Ragini is asked by the blackmailer to stay at home. Swara gets doubtful and rushes home. Ragini reveals to her that their brother is in blackmailer’s captivity, who is blackmailing her and making her do all the things against her wish. Swara gets shocked knowing about the blackmailer, and determines to save their brother, and also to expose the blackmailer’s truth. It is rumored that Parineeta and Adarsh are behind the kidnapping of baby and plotting all the conspiracy. It is yet to be seen if this is true.



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