Kosi’s entry creates much drama in Pandey family


Thapki goes to take interview of minister Radheshyam. Everyone wait for Thapki at home. Thapki comes home and Bihaan asks Thapki about the interview. Thapki tells everyone that interview stopped midway. Kosi hears them and calls this Kalyug that woman is managing news channel work and Bihaan is managing home. Thapki is trying hard to save Dhruv’s news channel. She wants to maintain good TRPs so that the channel does not get shut.


Thapki tells Bau ji that there was nothing to air on the channel, and interview will get completed later. Kosi taunts Vasundara on her bahu, that Thapki is going to earn and men sit at home and eat. She tells how she would have cut Sankara’s hair plaits if Sankara went outside of home to earn money. Sankara is very simple like a cow and gets scissors asking Kosi to cut her hair. Kosi is about to cut Sankara’s hair, when Vasundara stops Kosi and announces Shuddhi Karan puja at home. Bihaan does not know why Kosi has come in Pandey Nivaas. Bihaan thinks Kosi came to get property, and is unaware of Kosi’s relation with Balwinder Bau ji. Seems high voltage drama is there to stay for more time. Keep reading.



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