Swara hatches a plan to trap Adarsh


Recently, the blackmailer is revealed in Swaragini. Adarsh is the one who is blackmailing Ragini over Parineeta’s death. Swara saves Ragini from Adarsh and hatches a plan to save their little brother. Adarsh continues to spy on them and brings a veiled Parineeta home with the baby. He makes an excuse at home and asks his family to let the woman stay with her baby. The family members readily agree. Swara and Ragini understand that the baby is their little brother Chotu and get happy. When they try to get near the baby cradle, crackers get blasted scaring them.

Adarsh comes there and warns Swara and Ragini not to dare try to touch the cradle or the baby else he will get killed. Meanwhile, Swara shares her plan with Ragini, and tells her that the pen with which Durga Prasad signed on the property papers is magical pen and its ink disappears from the papers within 24 hours, prohibiting Adarsh to use papers to transfer property on his name. They have the task to find their brother before Adarsh realizes their conspiracy.



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