Suraj realizes his love for Imli


Imli is falling in love with Vivaan. He does not let her do any work. He takes onions to cut and cries like a kid. Imli laughs seeing him run around in kitchen. He tells her that he is keeping friendship. They both make chaat together. Imli wanted to have icecream. Vivaan could not arrange icecream. She then asks for chaat. He lands in kitchen to prepare for her. Their happy moments give tension to Suraj and Chakor. Suraj realizes he loves Imli and breaks the truth to Chakor. Chakor tells Suraj that its too late to rectify his mistake now and he can just regret now.

Vivaan too is liking Imli and gradually getting away from Chakor. Suraj goes to an icecream parlor to get Imli’s favorite icecream. The shop shuts at night. Suraj beats the men and demands for the icecream. The relations got very much complicated because of Suraj’s mistake. Suraj gets back home, and shatters seeing Imli and Vivaan together. Even Chakor feels hurt to lose her love. What will Chakor do now? Keep reading.


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