Dev and Sonakshi’s tear-jerking breakup vows


Dev gets drunk. Dev expresses her sorrow to her, while imagining her. Sonakshi takes Dev in her lap and consoles him. Later, Sonakshi comes to his office to meet him. She tells Dev that she will never meet him. She asks him to promise he will also meet her from today. Dev gets tearful eyes and promises her. She asks him to promise that he will never think of her and not attempt to contact her by any way. Dev has lost his love. He has loved Sonakshi immensely and made vows of love, but could not keep it. Dev’s world has turned upside down.

Dev and Sonakshi vow to forget each other. Sonakshi is trying to move on, but Dev is still wishing to be with Sonakshi. He tells Sonakshi that he always wants to see her around and live with her, he can’t imagine life without her. Sonakshi has taken the decision because of Ishwari. She understands that Ishwari can’t be happy with Dev and Sonakshi’s relation, even if the relation goes ahead, even Sonakshi can’t stay happy. Sonakshi wants Dev to support her in moving on. Sonakshi feels sad seeing Dev’s state. Sonakshi cries and hides her tears. She could not express love and can’t accept Dev’s love. Maybe their love will be understood by Ishwari and they get united.

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