High Five Spoilers

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Sonakshi thinks of Dev when Rithvik decides things for their engagement. Sonakshi has taken this decision for her family. Sonakshi and Rithvik get engaged. The families are very happy and congratulate the couple. She is very unhappy and thinks of Dev. On the other, Dev turns to drinking to forget Sonakshi. Sonakshi and Rithvik take blessings of elders. She wants to make a new start in her life, but feels lost. Sonakshi checks her phone. She sees Dev’s missed calls and ignores unwillingly.


Rishi was talking to ill Biji. Tanuja makes Biji rest and disconnects the call. Rishi comes home and sees Tanuja with Biji. Rishi scolds Tanuja for disconnecting the call. Tanuja explains him that she thought someone is troubling Biji. He asks are you mad, no one can disconnected my call till now, stay away. Tanuja leaves. Rishi gets to know that Tanuja has made Biji fine and thinks to thank her.


Gopi was getting hanged in mental hospital. Krishna and Mansi’s plan failed. Ahem’s look alike Jaggi reaches to save Gopi. The ward boys tried to kill Gopi on Krishna’s saying. Gopi was hanging and then Jaggi took heroic entry. He saves Gopi and beats the ward boys. He thinks saving Gopi will help him financially. Gopi sees him and thinks Ahem has come back. He will be taking her back to Modi house.


Shivay, Omkara and Rudra have become Krishna ji. They all decide to do something different and become modern Krishna. Dadi makes them dress as Krishna ji and gives them a flute. She does their aarti and blesses them for becoming Krishna ji to fulfill her wish.


Chakor and Imli dress up as Radha and celebrate Janmashtami. Vivaan has made the cradle and surprises Imli. They make Kanha idol sit in the swing and move the cradle. Imli sings Kanha song and does rituals along with Vivaan. Everyone house members do aarti of Kanha. Imli has seen Vivaan making the cradle and acts like getting surprised. Ragini lays electric wires. Vivaan falls down from the stairs by getting electric shock. Everyone leave from the aarti and rush to see Vivaan. Chakor worries for Vivaan and takes care of him.



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