Atharv-Vividha strong relation to face new twists


Vividha can’t bear Atharv’s annoyance for long. Atharv tells Vividha that he can never forgive her. Everyone knows their love is very strong. Vividha takes Atharv along with her, when he does not talk to her. Their love has many tensions by Kailash. Vividha dominates Atharv and does not care about anyone. Kailash thinks Vividha has turned very shameless to run after Atharv infront of him. Vividha flees with Atharv in the car and go away from home. Sujata tells Uma that this is Kalyug and Radha ji is taking along Krishna ji to elope. Sujata and Uma are sure Vividha will make Atharv cheerful again.

Atharv and Vividha finally get some time to romance with each other. Vividha asks Atharv to give a beautiful gift to her during Janmashtami festival. She asks him to say I love you to her as he hardly expresses his love by words. Atharv smiles as usual. Very soon Atharv will confess his love, the way she wants. Vividha is determined to make Atharv confess his love. Vividha’s over the top romantic nuances brings a smile on Atharv’s face. Ramakant is going to fix Atharv and Vividha’s proposal by showing his rich status and respectable army background to Kailash. Kailash does not know yet that Ramakant got Atharv’s proposal for Vividha. Will Kailash agree for the alliance? Keep reading.



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