Colors’ Roundup



Preeto slaps Maninder after knowing the bitter and shocking truth about Soumya. She slaps him repeatedly and holds him responsible for the big betrayal. She thinks her son’s life is ruined after he married a transgender unknowingly. Maninder tells her that he tried to stop the marriage, but unfortunately he couldn’t stop. Preeto makes plan with Maninder and Saya to get rid of Soumya. She decides to send her with Saya when nobody is at home.



Laksh and Sanskar hug each other happily. Even Annapurna, Sujata and Utara are happy seeing Durga Prasad stable and out of danger. Doctor informs them that he is fine. Parineeta takes Annapurna and Durga Prasad’s home. She got him treated on a condition that they shall stay with them in Maheshwari house.


A thief steals Rishi’s wallet and runs away. He collides with Tanuja, and the wallet falls down. Tanuja thinks that the wallet is of thief and runs behind him asking him to take his wallet. Rishi who has been running after the thief mistaken Tanuja to be the thief and scolds her. They argue. He calls her thief. Tanuja tells him that she was returning wallet to the thief thinking it to be his.


Shravani will be Aradhya’s twin sister and this secret will be revealed soon. Shravani and Jairaj want Aryan’s property. Shravani loves Aryan too. Jairaj comes to meet Shravani, and hides seeing Aradhya as he doesn’t want her to doubt on him. Shravani hits herself with hunter to divert her attention and gets wounded. Aradhya applies ointment on her wounds. Shravani asks for water. Aradhya goes to bring water. Shravani asks Jairaj to leave immediately. It will be interesting to see Shravani and Aradhya’s chemistry as sisters, with one totally negative and other positive, in love with a same guy Aryan.


Imli breaks relation with Chakor and holds her responsible for burning cradle made and decorated by Vivaan. Chakor tries to clarify and tells that she haven’t done anything wrong and says she has helped Vivaan in making cradle. Imli takes out her frustration on the room decoration as it was Chakor’s idea. Imli says she will not confess her feelings to Vivaan. She warns Chakor that she can’t snatch Vivaan from her. Chakor says if you couldn’t see the truth then our relation is over.



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