Surbhi’s entry as Mallika next in Ishqbaaz


Surbhi Jyoti enters Ishqbaaz in a cameo role, as a runaway bride Mallika. She has eloped from her own marriage and reaches Shivay’s house. Mallika hugs Shivay. She has come happily and wanted to share her problem. Shivay thinks Mallika has done wrong. He scolds her for eloping and reacts angrily. Anika likes Mallika’s entry and jokes seeing Mallika and Shivay together. Shivay tries to make her realize that her family and Rana family will be insulted because she ran away from her own marriage. He asks her did she see the news, they have titled her Bhagodi Dulhan/runaway bride.

Mallika tells him that she did not see that show. She is actually Shivay’s ex girlfriend and came to his house to tell about her pain. Shivay says that is your problem always that you always run away and do not face the problem. He feels bad for her family. Mallika cries. Shivay asks why you are crying? Mallika says I am crying because of you. Shivay decides to stand by Mallika even if she is wrong. Mallika’s groom in the show is Karanvir Bohra, who will soon enter the show as Siddharth Vikram Rana.


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