More of Abhi-Pragya’s poetic romance


Pragya and Abhi’s hearts have met again. Their love is such that goes out of their control. Pragya was crying to lose Abhi after he lost his memory, but now she has turned happy after having a romantic moment with Abhi. Their love story is going ahead again. Pragya has written a shayari for Abhi and smiles thinking of him. She is at the same café where Abhi is present. The wind blows and the paper flies away.

Abhi gets the paper and reads her love shayari infront of her. Pragya writes that she always wants to be with Abhi and is linked to his heartbeat, his thoughts are filled in her heart. Pragya recalls their old moments. Abhi asks Pragya for whom did she write this shayari, but she does not tell him that she wrote this for him. She jumps to get the letter from him. Abhi feels this shayari is written for him and does not give her the paper. Pragya tries hard to get it and falls in his arms. They both have an eyelock. A cute moment in Abhi and Pragya’s life after a long time. Abhi can’t bear the separation and is after Pragya always. Abhi knows he is the one residing in her heart and eyes.


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