High Five Spoilers

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Rishabh and Raina are getting married, and they are not happy. Raina’s eyes have tears. Their marriage in the cave happened suddenly to take revenge from BrahmaRakshas. Raina wants to catch Brahmarakshas and taken this extreme step. They got emotional before marriage, as Rishabh’s mum is against this marriage. Rishabh consoles Raina and asks her not to overthink. Mohini says Rishabh does not know elders will be hurt and did not tell his plan. Mohini stopped their marriage before by threatening Rishabh. Rishabh and Raina hug Mohini and cry. But, this is second time that they tried and get married.


Imli smiles seeing the beautiful decorations and seeing I love you Imli made in the floral heart. She thinks Vivaan has done this. Suraj comes and proposes her. Imli gets shocked. Suraj sits on his knees and apologizes to her. He tells her that he wants to accept her and their child. Imli does not accept his love and asks Suraj to leave. Her reaction is not positive and she asks him not to hold her. She says she has moved on and loves Vivaan. She tells him that she has married Vivaan, and she has no place for Suraj’s love in her heart. Suraj gets upset and all his attempts fail.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Jaggi is enjoying with Tolu’s children and plays with them. He fixes chocolates at height and asks both the kids to jump high and get the chocolates so that they can get taller. He tells them that he will take them to show dangal. Urmila asks whats this movie. Jaggi tells her that dangal means wrestling. Urmila says you are spoiling the kids. Jaggi enjoys life to the fullest. Jaggi will be winning Gopi’s heart gradually.


Rajbeer is fooling Shakti by acting as a ghost. Rajbeer has taken ghost’s disguise. He drags Shakti and hangs him in the air. Shakti’s wife Natasha is also supporting Rajbeer. Shakti tried to kill Natasha. She wants Shakti to admit all his crimes. Shakti tells Rajbeer that he did not do anything. Paridhi is supporting Rajbeer. Shakti does not know Rajbeer and Natasha are alive. Rajbeer asks Shakti did he think he will take property after killing him. He scares Shakti. He wants to tell everyone that Shakti is Saudamini’s son. He wants to expose Shakti and then deal with Manjulika.


Dadi is blaming Sumi and Ragini for selling jewelry and stealing Nani’s ring. Dadi is angry on the thief. Inspector comes and there is much drama around the theft. Inspector asks them to solve this family matter. Dadi tells them that Swara and Ragini have stolen her ring. Dadi asks inspector to arrest Swara. Dadi saves Ragini and puts blame on Swara alone. Inspector asks Swara to come along for interrogation. Ragini tells Swara that she will get her out of jail.



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