Kartik awaits Naira’s reply to his love proposal

Kartik and Naira to unite

Kartik and Naira are blackmailed by Chandu. Naira feels hurt and she cries. Kartik consoles her. They make a plan to tackle Chandu. Chandu makes Kartik and Naira’s MMS when they were drunk, and starts blackmailing them. Kartik tries to get MMS from him, but Chandu throws chilli powder in his eyes. They have a fight then. Naira comes there and clarifies to Chandu that there is nothing between Kartik and her. She tells that she didn’t send him to jail. Chandu believes her and realizes his mistake late. Kartik falls down and gets hurt.

Kartik and Naira get free of Chandu’s matter and leave on bike. Kartik stops the bike to take flowers for Mishti, as he has scolded Mishti. Naira asks him to sit in bike else his bike will get towed. She goes to buy flowers for Mishti. Kartik waits for her and sees the MMS again. He gets shocked seeing he has proposed Naira in drunken state. He worries that Naira has also seen the complete video. Kartik’s proposal finally happened in weird situation. He waits for Naira’s reply. What will be Naira’s reply? Keep reading.


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