Rishi’s one sided hit and miss moments


The fate brings Rishi and Tanuja close, but Rishi always misses to see Tanuja. Rishi does not know Tanuja is working in his office and staying in his outhouse. Biji likes Tanuja and asks her to come every day. Biji and Tanuja have become friends and play carom. Biji asks Rano to allow Tanuja to come home. Tanuja says I will leave now. Biji asks her to come tomorrow. Tanuja leaves and collides with Rishi.

Rishi is on call and calls Tanuja blind. He starts scolding her. Tanuja realizes its Rishi and picks the papers. He does not see her face and asks for papers. She gives him papers and pen. She sees him busy on his business call and tries to leave hurriedly. Rishi stops her and asks who are you. She gets worried. He gets another call and she runs out of the house. Biji has decided to get Tanuja at home. Rishi asks Biji not to play carom and take rest. Biji tells Rishi that she wants to see his marriage.


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