Jaggi fails Mansi and Jigar’s plans


Media and Modi trust people come to talk to Modi family. Media praises Kokila. Mansi comes there and tells media that this is Ahem’s lookalike, not Ahem Modi. She tells Ahem died 5 years ago and challenges Jaggi to tell them who started their family trust. She gets the elder’s pics and asks Jaggi to put garlands on the person’s pic who inaugurated the trust. Jaggi puts garlands on Baa’s pic. The lady says he has put garland on wrong pic. Jaggi is clueless and fails. Mansi says he has answered wrong.

Jaggi talks sweetly and manages the situation saying Baa has given him inspiration to open the trust. He proves he is Ahem and impresses the women. Mansi shouts that everyone is involved in this game with Jaggi. Jigar has planned this to expose Jaggi. Mansi gets the lawyer with Ahem’s fingerprints, to prove Jaggi and Ahem’s fingerprints are different. Jaggi swaps the fingerprints and lawyer declares Jaggi is Ahem. Mansi fails to prove Jaggi’s truth. Kokila gets glad and confident that Jaggi will save Gopi.



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